Why More Farmers Are Buying Seed Treaters For Their Operations

A farmer’s first line of defense from harmful bugs and diseases is deployed before a seed is placed in the ground. Most seed production companies treat the seeds they sell, which allows those seeds to remain resistant to drought conditions and harmful bacterial breakouts. The problem is that buying treated seeds is expensive, and miscalculating the number of seeds needed may lead to excess waste, which is why more farmers are choosing to treat their seeds on-site using Seed Treaters.

Customized Treatment Specifications

As the popularity of organic produce rises, more and more consumers are concerned about the various chemicals and additives that are used during the growth of fruits and vegetables. Farmers that treat their seeds in-house control what products are used during the treatment process, making it easier to qualify for organic certification. It also allows a farmer to feel good about the produce they grow and know they are doing something positive for the environment.

Production Control

After a seed is treated, it must be planted within 45 days to obtain the highest level of benefits. If an operation is not prepared to plant or encounters delays due to equipment malfunctions or weather-related threats, it may cause the seeds to become unusable. Treating seeds as they are needed helps prevent excess waste and allows a farmer to have access to the seeds they need in as little as a few hours.

Substantial Money Savings

Many farm owners are leery of purchasing seed treatment equipment because of the expense, but most systems pay for themselves after only one harvest. The money savings provided allows a farmer to save thousands of dollars every year, and most equipment is simple to operate and requires little regular maintenance. Make any growing operation more profitable by taking control of any needed treatments through the use of professional equipment.

Seed treatment equipment helps streamline any size farming operation. The team at MyYield is a leading provider of quality treatment products that give a farmer control over their planting operations. Check out their site to learn more and see how it saves time and money and increases convenience and crop yield ratios.